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Hello! My name is Reilly Brown. I was born and raised in a small beach town in San Diego, California. I am a 2022 graduate of the University of San Francisco where I studied design and computer science. This move to northern California -- and to a city rich with art, architecture, culture and a strong social justice presence -- has afforded me a new perspective and allowed me to explore my strengths as a designer and as an activist.

Throughout my time in San Francisco, I have had the opportunity to cultivate my personal style as a designer. I strive to create art that is eccentric through the utilization of bright colors, bold line work and whimsical subject matter. That being said, I also value the importance of intention and technicality that good design holds, and I feel that my work reflects that balance of creativity and skill. Further, as computer science minor, I love exploring the realm between web and graphic design. 

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